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The team is back and we get into a small debate pitting Jamie Foxx vs Donald Glover and Jamie Foxx vs. Don Cheadle. Enjoy!

What We Have Seen

  • Strong Island
  • It
  • #Reality High


  • Stan lee hopeful marvel gets X men and Fantastic 4 back is this secretly happening?
  • Drew Goddard to Direct X-Force
  • Liam Neeson retires from Action films
  • 20 worst TV shows of all time
  • Donald Glover and Sterling Brown come home with Emmys
  • Drama with Jeepers Creeps 3 director
  • Black Klansman coming from Spike Lee and Jordan Peele
  • Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate factory was originally black?
  • Beverly Hills Cop 4 still happening with maybe Channing Tatum or Tom hardy


  • Berserk

Conspiracy of the Week

  • Niburu/Planet X


  • Neo Yokio
  • Jeepers Creepers 3
  • The Disaster Artist
  • Gerald’s Game
  • Til death Do Us Part

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