We are back with the full crew this week. Lots of great discussion and topics...


Marvel and Fox to come together to create two X men spinoff series

Transformers 5 6,7,8 confirmed                                                                          

Back to the Future is now

Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan thought process

John Wick 2 filming

Gambit movie still searching for director

Hulk to return in Thor 3

Gary F. Gray to direct Fast and Furious 8

How They Can Do Black Panther

Rhonda Rousey as Captain Marvel

Krypton TV show:

Star Wars Boycott committee

Star wars extended trailer released


Conspiracy Theory of the Week- Michael Jackson and Sony and City Floating Over China


In the Movies


In TV- Heroes


Netflix Pick- Beasts of No Nation



Daredevil Season 2

Jessica Jones

We Could Be King

Master of None

Into the Badlands

James Bond- Spectre

Batman Bad Blood

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