This week we have Rhashadism filling in on the show. We talk pretty heavy in a debate on Nate Parker his rape case and his upcoming film Birth of a Nation.

Hip Hop
  • Big Boi and Killer Mike coming out with a joint album
  • DMX welcomes his 15th child into the world
  • Drake saga continues this time in Philly
  • New York Fireman has rap career on the low
  • Potential supergroup being formed with Nas. Common, and Q-Tip
  • Secret A Tribe Called Quest Album
  • Florida Man setup by woman robbed and killed via dating app
  • DOJ working to phase out private prisons
  • Rapist Darren Sharper gets 18 years in jail
  • Bill Cosby's attorney Monique Pressley resigns
  • Eddie Murphy coming back to stand up
Crazy Stories
  • The Fellatio Cafe
  • Florida man kills couple and is caught eating their faces
  • Russian Woman claims she was raped by a Pokemon
Raw or Naw
  • Alien Family
  • Ka (The rapping NY fireman)
  • Countess Vaughn
  • Sam Trump feat. Add-2
  • The Knuckles
  • Sa-Roc
  • Year of The Ox

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