We are gonna flashback to classic episode of SOLC. This was a crazy dope show as we had concert promoter Chis Hansen in the studio. We also have a small chat and interview with the legendary hip hop group Mobb Deep and producer The Alchemist where we learn all kinds of knew things about the three. We also go in on topics like the rapist who finds out that he he got HIV from his victim, the new movie Robocop, Florida man keeps saying he killed killed OJs ex-wife, credit scores determined by friends on Facebook, Dave Chappelle fights back, Ariel Castro kills himself, Lupe Fiasco being sued by drug dealers wife, majority black church requests on white members, intern sues bad boy for wages, and the ghetto fabulous yoga class.

Raw or Naw:

  • Madd Rapper
  • Sha’Dasious
  • Ay Streetz
  • Such
  • X-Phase
  • Pretty Tony
  • Playboy J

    all music by Prodigy And Alchemist-Albert Einstein

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