This week we have world renown author, relationship coach and radio personality Alan Roger Curie( on the show. We talk about Mystikal and Pinky doing the nasty on camera, man shot at Creflo Dollar church while praying, a Pastor giving AIDS to his parishioners,  a 15 year old jumps to her death after a sex tape comes out, a man buys a woman's virginal box for 750,000 dollars, Wylef his speedos and Yele, Lil Reese puts his hands on a young girl on videotape,  Stephen Colbert tells Donald Trump to suck his nuts. We then dive into Alan's Mode One philosophy for men when dating women as well into how Alan got started as a relationship coach for men.

You can check out Alan's books Mode One: Let The Women Know What You Are Really Thinking, Oooh...Say it Again: The Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex, and a host of his other books at

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