This episode we have a packed studio of LADIES!! We have Aliah Holman, Buthaina Noman and Victoria of the Victoria Said It Podcast in the studio with us

Hip Hop

  • Chris Brown Vs . Suljah Boy is this fight really gonna happen?
  • Bone Thungs N Harmony Biopic
  • R. Kelly has 35 more chapers of Trapped in the Closest
  • Tupac to be Inducted into the Rock Roll Hall of Fame


  • Dylan Roof doesn't regret killing church members
  • Jim Brown and Ray lewis hosting Inaguration Party for Trump
  • Man notorious for outing Gay men on Facebook is shot
  • The end of Barack Obama's Presidency
  • Donald Trump and the Russian hacks

Crazy Stories

  • A Church's Christmas Carol play prints Tupac lyrics in the program
  • Christian Rapper gets 18 years for killing producer

Raw or Naw

  • Acee Tee feat. Kwam.e
  • Spinnerman
  • Style X
  • Modo
  • Yaya Jonez
  • Ty Vee
  • Migos

break music from M.I.A. - AIM [Deluxe Edition]

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