This classic episode of SOLC we have the return of the great DJ Charli Chan Soprano. This episode we discuss

  • Gold Spade
  • Oklahoma and the SAE frat chanting niggers will never be in the frat
  • Morning Joe blames hip hop
  • Ferguson officials resigning and two officers shot
  • Teens steal what they think is cocaine but its not cocaine
  • DEA agent told not to enforce drug laws in a white area
  • Man gets 9.1 million for wrongful conviction in D.C.(raped and given AIDS)
  • ATL sequel, DJ Charli Chan shares stories from DJing for Run DMC
  • We break down the best MCs and groups from each decade
  • Dipset the best Hip Hop crew of all time

Raw or Naw

  • Young paperboyz
  • Crew Mentality
  • Music Bear Tony Banks
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Cashflow
  • BLD
  • Sa-Roc ft. David Banner
  • Woo Child ft. C. Jay Conrod

Music from Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp a Butterfly

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