​​RVS and R8TED R are letting YOU decide who is the winner (or, really, biggest loser) of the Jon Jones’ Freedom Memorial Battle Royal!

Entrants include:

  • The people who took PTO to commit treason on January 6th 
  • Ryback for calling wrestling championships fake when fans suggested he should’ve been world champion
  • Chris Jericho for falling off after supporting Trump, doing Fozzy shows in the pandemic and not telling anybody he got the Rona
  • Bow Wow for lying about training for WWE
  • Jim Cornette for insinuating women wrestlers don’t earn their spots
  • Randy Orton and Soulja Boy for their Twitter beef
  • Drake Wuertz for taking PTO to commit treason, being an anti-mask conspiracy theorist and getting himself fired
  • NXT for having multiple Rona outbreaks
  • NBC Universal for buying WWE streaming rights without knowing how much racism they’d have to edit out
  • Mark Carrano for sending Mickie James her belongings in a trash bag after she got released from WWE
  • Buff Bagwell for getting into a hit and run accident, lying to the police then using the case to promote an autograph signing at Big D’s Flea Market
  • Pro Wrestling at the Ambassador
  • GoFundMe for allowing someone to collect money for Baron Corbin
  • AEW for showing a Domino’s Pizza commercial after a Nick Gage pizza cutter spot
  • Alistair Overeem for homophobic comments about wrestling
  • Jonathan Coachman for complaining about Vince McMahon owing him $8,000 - $20,000
  • And of course…JON JONES!

Comment on YouTube, hit us up on our socials (@WCFYCast) or shoot us and email at WeCominForYouCast@gmail.com to let us know who you choose to be the winner of the Jon Jones’ Freedom Memorial Battle Royal

R.I.P. New Jack

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