RVS and R8TED R take it back to the essence at “Castrol Syntec” studio for a spur of the moment episode discussing the happenings in pro-wrestling

The fellas discuss

  • Listener comments and questions
  • New Day vs the Bloodline vs the Hurt Business
  • Bobby Lashley’s wrestling mind not getting enough credit
  • The target demographic battle between WWE and AEW
  • Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson at AEW Grand Slam
  • Dark Side of the Ring Plane Ride from Hell episode
  • Is Tony Khan taking creative control away from Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes a good thing?
  • Could there be a Wrestling Olympics where WWE & AEW work together?

Jon Jones’ Freedom Memorial Award: Jon Jones

On God ‘Nem Award: Anthony Joshua

Nate Robinson Award of Egregiousness: R. Kelly

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