This week we welcome return guest Travis Terrell of We Are Live and Mid Coast Media to the show.

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We discuss:

  • The No Limit Soldiers concert fiasco in STL
  • NBA discussion
  • Black quarterbacks
  • Jimmy Garoppolo shoots his shot on live TV
  • Kanye West and his newfound Godliness
    • Brunch-Chella
  • TI wants to know if his daughter’s hymen is still intact
  • 50% of women in relationships have another man in mind if they break up

The Chicken Wars: A New Hope

  • Matt samples the Popeyes Chicken sandwich
  • Stabbing over the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
  • What is the next move in the chicken wars?

This Week in Racism

  • Buffalo Wild Wings: “I can’t sit next to you because you are black”

RIP to John Witherspoon aka “Pops”


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