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  • Oscar Nominations
  • Razzie Nominations
  • David Ayers regrets how Suicide Squad went
  • The Flash movie getting a complete rewrite
  • Bryan Singer to direct the first episode of the X-men TV Series
  • Star Wars...The Last Jedi
  • M. Night Shylaman wants to direct an episode of Stranger Things
  • Pierce Bronson to Play Cable
  • Dwayne Johnson to spinoff Black Adam in his own movie
  • Marvel announces new video game with Square Enix
  • Apocalypse Now Video Game

Conspiracy of the Week

Anime Update

What We Have Seen

Trailers aka Sleeve it or Leave It

  • Powerless
  • Logan Red Band Trailer
  • Power Rangers
  • Beauty and The Beast
  • Flying Lotus' Kuso
  • Sleight

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