Jovan's legendary comedy show is coming back to STL this weekend and in anticipation of this we present another edition of the Best of Jovan Bibbs.

This episode we go back to when we finally had one of the guests we have been trying to lock down! Yes, we finally got her Jenae Wallick (@jenaesweetiepie) of OWN network's "Welcome to Sweetie Pie's" . Eddie Holman (@sygugroup) of SYGU joins us as well as we talk about Jane finally getting on Twitter, man accidentally gives cocaine out for Halloween, woman breaks in houses and cleans them up, teenagers pee in cupcakes, Kobe Bryant threatens to kick every one's ass, Katt Williams melting down, James MacArthur has a stand off with the police while on his podcast, the Jevon Fletcher murder/suicide, we talk to Jenae about being on a reality TV show, the night Darryl got called Nigger in a cab, and a host of other topics and situations.


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