We sports media talent Robyn Browning  and the frequent guest Harlem back on the show. We discuss Jovan performing with Martin Lawrence and a host of other topics.

Hip Hop
  • Bow Wow retires from rap, claims that his is mixed, and can't relate to the civil rights movement
  • R.Kelly seriously dating a 19 year old
  • The Drake saga continues: Hot 97, Funkmaster Flex, Eminem, and Joe Budden
  • Korryn Gaines and the police
  • Koren Thomas killed similar to Trayvon Martin
  • Charles Barkley to host his own talk show "The Race Card"
  • Marilyn Mosby and the Baltimore PD
  • Derek Fischer trying to get back in the NBA
  • Dylan Roof beat up by Dwayne Stafford in Jail. The people get him bailed out for his service
  • George Zimmerman punched at bar for gloating about killing Trayvon Martin
Crazy Stories
  • Alaska man uses sex offender list to track down and beat up sex offenders
  • Woman wins lottery then craps on bosses desk
  • Man is arrested for cooking crack on Facebook
Raw or Naw
  • Khori
  • Skrillex and Rick Ross
  • Young Chef feat. Doughboi
  • Usher feat. Young Thug
  • Pokey Bear
  • Mai Lee
  • Mac Miller feat. Anderson.Paak
  • DJ Khaled feat. Nas

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