We are back with the return of DJ Charli Chan. We talk about Gold Spade, Oklahoma and the SAE frat chanting niggers will never be in the frat, Morning Joe blames hip hop, Ferguson officials resigning and two officers shot, Teens steal what they think is cocaine but its not cocaine, DEA agent told not to enforce drug laws in white area, Man gets 9.1 million for wrongful conviction in D.C.(raped and given AIDS, ATL sequel, DJ Charli Chan shares stories from DJing for Run DMC, and we break down the best MCs and groups from each decade. An extended Raw or Naw featuring Young paperboyz, Crew Mentality, Music Bear Tony Banks, Eddie Murphy, Cashflow, BLD, Sa-Roc ft. David Banner, and Woo Child ft. C. Jay Conrod

music during break by Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp a Butterfly album

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